The end of last week saw Bitcoin hard fork update SegWit2x being postponed, Bitcoin price surging past the 7800 USD mark and then dropping to below 6000 USD, now regaining some of that value (currently BTC is valued just over 6300 USD).

So what does this mean for Minersale users?

1) As Bitcoin price has significantly dropped for the moment, the daily mining payout sum in USD has seen a sudden drop over the past 4 days.
We would like to remind that payouts are expressed in USD only for giving a forecast. All payouts are in crypto currencies not in USD, therefore it is more accurate to follow your earnings in crypto currencies.
You can check your earnings in your account ‘Balance’>’Wallet Balance’ table in the 2nd column that shows earnings in crypto currency.

2) Due to Bitcoin’s high demand, scalability issues and hard fork cancellation, Bitcoin wallet-to-wallet transactions are slower over the blockchain.
Therefore for important transfers we recommend to choose priority fees offered by your crypto wallet. If regular transaction fees are chosen, there is a possibility that the transfer takes from a few hours to days to get completed. We recommend to choose priority fees for transfers until Bitcoin developers provide a better technical solution. Priority fees enable users to transfer sums max until 2 hours time.
We will keep you posted on further developments!
Have a good Mining Day!