How does Minersale cloud mining service work?

By investing as little as 25$ you can buy hashrate of any of our offered 2-year contracts that mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Monero and Zcash. After receiving confirmation of payment you can immediately start receiving your daily payouts. All you need is a crypto coin wallet and you can start mining!

Why cloud mining is more profitable than personal mining?

Due to high initial expenses of personal mining (hardware, software, electricity fees and the

inconvenience of ensuring top conditions for efficient miner work) cloud mining has become

for now the most efficient, thus, profitable way of mining coins.

Which coins does Minersale mine?

At the moment we mine the most popular coins – Bitcoin and popular altcoins Ethereum,

Litecoin, Dashcoin, Monero and Zcash.

Which coins are more profitable to mine?

Each crypto coin was created for a different smart purpose so each has a different market

value, market cap and mining difficulty which all contribute to its profitability as an

investment. Due to developments in each coin’s technology or sudden media attention these

variables are unpredictable as coin value highly depends on the supply and demand of the

market. Minersale coin mining calculator depicts the ROI you could receive taking the

variables of that moment as the basis for calculations. Please check regularly the market

analysis on crypto news media sites or check our ‘News’ section for the latest news from

most prominent media sites.

Can I invest in mining different coins at the same time?

With Minersale you can purchase several contracts to mine different coins at the same time.

How accurate is the Minersale investment calculator?

Minersale coin mining calculator depicts the ROI taking into account the variables of that

given Mining Day, which are the miner efficiency, mining difficulty of the particular coin and

its value on the exchange market. Each Mining day starts at 00:00:00 GMT and ends at

23:59:59 GMT. You can check the precise amount of your daily payouts 24 hours (at most)

after the Mining Day has finished.

Is the use of cryptocurrencies authorized by my country’s government?

Due to the decentralized and in many cases anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies each

country’s government might have a different set of laws put in place. We recommend

checking the regulations of your particular government and following updates that are issued

in authorized media sites.

Is Minersale trustworthy?

Minersale is a UK-based cloud mining service developed by EuropeCoin group – a crypto
business company developing several projects in crypto currency and token exchange, cloud
mining, crypto wallet and other. Our data centers are located in the UK and soon in Iceland
(launching November 2017). Please see pictures and videos from our data centers in the
ABOUT US section. We strive to be an internationally recognized company and as
transparent as possible. If you have any questions regarding our company, do not hesitate to
contact us via our contact form.

Who are the people behind Minersale?

Our team is formed of international crypto currency and mining enthusiasts believing that

future technologies depend on crypto data and the use of cryptocurrencies. Since 2015 the

team has been developing several crypto projects and in 2016 we opened our first mining data

center in the UK. Get to know more about Minersale and our team on our social network

accounts @Minersaleteam.

How does Minersale guarantee a top quality mining process?

Our team consists of crypto mining experts that ensure a 24/7 maintenance of the work of our
data centers. Moreover we are always striving to use the latest, fastest and most efficient
miner hardware available in the market so as to increase the profitability of our miners.

When can I start mining?

Our miner machines are all set up and working therefore anyone can start mining at any time

of the day and start receiving rewards on a daily basis. The minimum mining investment in

Bitcoin or any other altcoin is only 25$ - start mining with Minersale already today!


What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we only accept crypto currency payments made via a crypto wallet that can
store Bitcoin and/or other altcoins we mine. We accept the following crypto currency
payments –Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum. To make a payment for a
proforma invoice issued by Minersale, please choose a crypto currency and copy the payment
link (valid 30 min.) and the precise amount of the crypto currency you wish to pay with. Next
paste the link and the amount in your crypto wallet interface in the ‘Send’ or ‘Transfer funds’
section. The payment should reach us immediately. Before making the payment, please make
sure if there might be any transfer fees deducted by your crypto wallet provider.

Are there any commission fees for transferring funds to/from my crypto wallet?

Each crypto wallet provider has different set of fees therefore please check the particular fees
that might apply to transfers from/to your chosen crypto wallet before making any payments
as they will be deducted from the amount you wish to transfer. All Minersale proforma
invoices are calculated in USD however the payments must be made in any of the crypto
currencies we mine via a crypto wallet.

How long does it take to get a confirmation about contract purchase?

Due to our security system every payment we receive has to be verified and this verification
can take sometimes up to 24 hours.

When will I start earning coins?

As soon as your contract purchase is confirmed you can start mining and getting coins as a
reward. Each Mining Day starts at 00:00:00 GMT and ends at 23:59:59 GMT therefore
rewards are determined at the end of each Mining Day and will show up on your Dashboard.

How regularly can I receive payouts? In what currency?

Payouts are determined at the end of each Mining Day (see previous answer) and are
available 24 hours after the end of each Mining Day. Payouts can be withdrawn either in the
same crypto currency (by adding a compatible crypto wallet) or converted to another crypto
currency such as Bitcoin and then withdrawn to your Bitcoin wallet.

How to add a crypto wallet to receive payouts in the same currency as mined?

Minersale enables you to withdraw your rewards in the same crypto currency you mined by
adding a compatible crypto wallet. First you need to retrieve the unique address link from you
crypto wallet. Choose the crypto currency needed in your crypto wallet interface, then under
the ‘Request’ tab copy your unique wallet address link that you will need to paste in
Minersale account -> Balance.
To add compatible crypto wallets for Minersale payouts go to your account > Balance >  find
the cryptocurrency needed and click on the dotted line in the ‘Payout address’ column
opposite the needed crypto currency. Next, paste the link retrieved from your crypto wallet
account and confirm the action. You will receive a confirmation email to your registered Minersale account email address. You have to confirm the new payout wallet address by clicking on the link in the email. When it is done, please refresh the Minersale page so as to see the new payout wallet address in your 'Balance' page. Minersale allows adding different crypto wallets for each currency.


What are mining contracts?

A mining contract is a mining purchase plan that includes the cost per hashrate (mining

speed) to mine a certain crypto coin. Such contracts have a set duration and may or may not

include daily maintenance fees for up-keeping miner efficiency. Currently Minersale offer

popular SHA-256, SCRYPT, X11, ETHASH, EQUIHASH, CryptoNight contracts for

duration of 2 years. All of Minersale mining contracts have no hidden maintenance or

electricity fees – you pay only once!

What are re-invest contracts?

Re-invest contracts are an option to re-invest payouts from mining a particular coin to a new

contract mining the same coin. This can be done manually or by choosing the auto re-invest

option in Minersale account > Balance. This option allows mining continuously a particular

coin without having to lose extra time of logging into the account and manually re-investing

in the same coin contract again. Please note that every re-investment is a new contract with a

different date from the Principal contract.

What is the minimum amount to buy a contract?

The minimum investment to buy hashrate of any coin offered by Minersale is 25$ –Bitcoin

Ethereum, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Monero or Zcash. The hashrate price and ROI are different for

every mining contract and are not fixed. Please check back regularly the hashrate price on our

coin mining calculator or in Minersale account -> Dashboard.

What is the contract validity period?

Minersale offers mining contracts for duration of 2 years for all coins on offer. The mining

contract duration allows you to receive payouts for the whole contract duration. Nevertheless

all contract duration is subject to mining being profitable. This means that the mining process

will stop if the maintenance and electricity fees become larger than the payout sum. If such

case arises the machines will continue to mine for 21 days in hope that the contract becomes

profitable again. If mining process keeps being unprofitable then permanent service

termination will take place.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawing payouts from my Minersale account?

The minimum withdraw amount is set in crypto currencies and is as follows: BTC 0.0021; LTC 0.25; ETH 0.02; ZEC 0.05; XMR 0.05 and DASH 0.05.
Please note that for every transfer we will charge the following transaction fee: BTC 0.0007; LTC 0.002; ETH 0.002; ZEC 0.002; XMR 0.002 and DASH 0.002.

Is there any maximum amount for withdrawing?

At the moment there is no maximum for withdrawing your funds to your wallet.

Do I get a confirmation of contract purchase?

After you have made your payment you will receive a Purchase notification email. And after

the payment will be confirmed your contract will be activated.

Can I cancel a contract or change the contract to another?

All purchases made on Minersale are final and are not subject to cancellations as after

contract purchase is approved the miner machines start working with the hashrate purchased.

How can I contact you?

You can reach our Customer Service by filling out the contact form in the ABOUT US


In what languages can I contact your Customer Service?

Our Customer Service speaks English, Russian, Latvian, Thai and soon Mandarin and



How are the Affiliate rewards deposited on my Minersale account?

The Affiliate rewards are deposited on your Minersale Balance sheet under the title ‘Affiliate’

and are shown in USD. You can then purchase a new mining contract or withdraw them to

your crypto wallet. There is no minimum sum from which you can withdraw Affiliate

rewards. However in order to withdraw your Affiliate rewards you must have purchased a

minimum of 500$ worth of contracts with your account.

How to withdraw Affiliate reward payouts?

In order to withdraw your rewards to your crypto wallet you must convert the sum from USD

to a crypto currency that your crypto wallet supports. This can be done by clicking the

‘Transfer’ button on the ‘Affiliate’ row and then choosing the crypto currency of your choice.

Then you can withdraw the funds via the ‘Withdraw’ button opposite the crypto currency of

your choice. Please make sure that you have linked your crypto wallet to the crypto currency

‘Payout Address’. On how to add a crypto wallet to ‘Payout address’ please refer to FAQ

section ‘Payments’ answer #6.

How can I track purchases made by my investor network?

By accessing Referrals > Tools page on you user panel you can see the status of your shared

referral links: the number of clicks on the link and the amount of your earnings. Moreover

you can create several referral links for different referral groups so that you could track

separately the returns of each group.

Can I register several affiliate accounts on the same computer/IP address?

Yes, you can, but due to the use of Cookies on Minersale webpage, each Internet browser is connected to the first referral link’s owner account. Therefore new affiliate accounts created on the same browser will automatically be joined in the affiliate network below the first referral link’s owner. This means that despite using new referral links - all new accounts registered on the same browser/IP will be joined only to the account that owns the first referral link pasted/used on the browser.

If you wish to create new affiliate accounts and to join them to different account owners creating a hierarchical network – please delete the browser cookies in browser settings each time before creating a new account from a referral link.


How do I generate an affiliate referral link?

You can invite referrals either by sharing a link or sending an email via your user account. To access your referral link go to your user account and on the left panel choose ‘Referrals’>’Tools’. Here you can access and track your affiliate network activity. To retrieve a referral link either copy and paste it or use the ‘Send emails’ option by entering receiver’s email address. They will receive an email with an invitation link that gives them a 3% bonus on all payouts from their first purchase, as well as, link them to your affiliate network. 

If you wish this email to contain your name, please fill in the Minersale account settings your name and surname. 


How can I track my affiliate referral links?

It is possible to create several referral links by clicking ‘Add new code’ and in this way to create different target groups, thus tracking each group’s return and purchases. 

The total affiliate visits and earnings are available on the top of the ‘Referral’>’Tools’ page, while each referral group’s registration and earnings can be tracked in the panel below. 



How to open and activate an account?

To open an account you need a valid email address, a safe password and a crypto currency

wallet that can store at least Bitcoin. To log in you need to enter your email address and

password after which you will be asked to enter a unique security code, which will be sent to

your email address each time you log in. After entering the security code you will be able to

use your Minersale user interface and purchase hashrate.

How do I open a Bitcoin wallet?

There are many types of crypto currency wallets that differ in terms of which platform they

use, their anonymity level, what coins they can store and what are their fees for transfers.

Please refer to a comparative analysis of different types of crypto wallets online and make the

choice according to your needs. On how to add a crypto wallet to your Minersale account

please refer to FAQ section ‘Payments’ answer #1 and answer#6.

Why it is not possible to directly deposit/withdraw fiat currencies (USD/EUR and other) on Minersale?

Due to international law we do not allow you to deposit or withdraw fiat currencies. In the

USA there are MSB and FinCen regulations; in Europe, certain countries have banned crypto

currencies, and in China, the banks are not allowed to transfer crypto currencies. The laws

may change in the future.

Can I open several accounts (for family members/friends) from the same IP address?

Yes, it is possible to do so.

For any further enquiries please contact our helpdesk by filling a form here.
For all updates on Minersale company and on crypto currency market news please visit our
‘News’ section and our social media accounts @Minersale