Ethereum GPU Miner

Ethereum GPU Miner

Ethereum GPU Miner 160MH/s

Ethereum is the potential successor of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency which is winning popularity. Mining Ethereum is very profitable to mine at the moment, it is expected that Ethereum will grow further in price.

Our mining rigs are specially developed and reconfigured for Ethereum mining. With this miner you will mine at 160 MH/s 

Specifications of the Ethereum Miner 160 MH/s

  • The Aluminium angle frame
  • Celeron G1840 Processor
  • Asrock H81 Pro BTC motherboard / Biostar TB85
  • 6x  RX 470/RX570 GPU
  • DDR3 8GB Memory
  • Kingston 120GB SSD Harddisk
  • EVGA 1000w power supply
  • ethOS operating system / windows10
  • plug and play setup
  • Uses ONLY 880w of power

 * Above can variate due to the use of different brands but will always be equal.


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